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Latrease Davenport


As a world-traveled, purpose finder, Latrease seeks to discover and address the blockages that many of us have when trying to find meaning and purpose. She loves to learn about life through people’s stories; believing the lifespan of a flower both tells a story and parallels our existence.  Latrease enjoys traveling with her daughter and works in Real Estate. As an inspirationalist, it is her mission to inspire people to find their purpose, an assignment she holds close to her heart. iRose was founded to break misconceptions about purpose and to shorten the distance between who you are and who you were created to be.

Monaé Nunnery


Monaé uses her love for technology and creativity to help bring the group’s visions to life. Her purpose is being a resource to people in order to help them succeed. 
As Manager of Business Operations for a non-profit human rights organization, she is a feminist advocate for women empowerment and leadership, especially in the workplace. Monaé immediately found interest in iRose when first hearing of the idea.


"I believe that people should not have to follow the status quo in life. You don't have to play the hand you're dealt. Throw in your hand, find your purpose, and pick up some new cards!”

Davida Cook


Davida Cook is an educator at a charter school in the city of Chicago. She earned her degree in Elementary Education at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. She is now completing her tenth year of teaching. In addition to teaching, Ms. Cook is an instructional leader, team leader, athletic coach and mentor for young ladies that attend her school. She volunteers often and contributes in any way possible organizations that seek to improve the quality of life.

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