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                    OUR EVENTS

iRose was featured at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Literary and Fine Arts School Invention Convention in Evanston, IL. All of the kids did a great job with their inventions and they all got to learn about iRose and what having purpose means to them. 

We took it one step further than the traditional vision board party by adding a twist of purpose! With music, inspiration and vision we created the visions we want to see. And what's a vision board party without a little spoken word.


This was our first event where we introduced the ladies of Deborah's Place to the iRose ideology. We had plenty of purpose finding and self-discovery activities as well as creating some personal mission statements and sharing some testimonies.

Every now and then we like to spread the iRose message by handing out roses in our city. So if you see us around, take a rose and stop for a photo.

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